Books To Get Over Your Breakup - Written By Dr Sylvia Buet

Do You Want To Find "True Love" And Never Feel Heartbroken Again?

I've created a 70-page WORKBOOK, "The Love Search Engine," to help you find true love. In it, you'll discover unique ways to find and date the right person.

Discover lots of Science-based psychological techniques that will:

  • Increase your chances of meeting "the one"
  • Identify what you really need in a relationship
  • How to stop feeling guilty at breaking up
  • How to truly know if someone is compatible with you within the first 3 dates

Don't miss the opportunity to develop the right mindset to start dating again.

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You Know That The Relationship Is Over But You Can't Accept It?

Accepting a breakup is not a process that comes naturally to us. One thing is to know 'intellectually' that the relationship is over, another, very different, is feeling real closure, experienced only when you can connect that idea 'emotionally'.

With this Workbook, you will:

  • Accept Your Breakup. Feel in your gut that there is absolutely no more that you can do, except letting go and restoring your mental balance. Leave the past behind.

  • Stop Ruminating. Get back your mental peace by never wondering again about the reasons for the breakup, what's wrong with you, or why your ex doesn't care about you.

  • Get Closure. Feel good about yourself, develop the desire to stop fighting for a different outcome with your ex, and become motivated to find a new love.