My Story: Dr. Sylvia Buet

If there is a word to define me, it would be “Passion”.

I went to University to study Psychology in the 80s, against the advice of my parents. They were worried, with reason, that I would end up like one of the 95% of Psychologists in Spain, "unemployed."

Despite their pressure, I took the plunge. I left my home town to move to Valencia, and I gambled my future with that decision.

But if you asked me who I am: I am someone with the knowledge, the skills, and the passon to help you get over your ex.

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How I Reached The Point To Be Passionate About Healing Broken Hearts!

I start my Psychology degree and I learn how studying and enjoying University life is possible, without spending nights cramming for an exam or drinking litters of coffee.

I finish my degree. My parents were right. No jobs anywhere. I work as a secretary, getting up at 5 am in the morning every day. I decide to move back to my home town in Spain.

I reject all job offers that were attempting to exploit me and I only accept one, where I can work part-time as an English teacher. I prepare that year to set up my own practice as a psychologist.

I finally take my first patient as a psychologist in Spain. He used to have the most terrifying panic attacks. I was having mine while treating him, scared of messing him up even more.

While I practice as a psychologist, I become a freelance Human Resources Consultant. I provide training for public and private organisations on topics such as assertiveness, team building and leadership, stress and time management, negotiation skills and conflict resolution, motivation, customer services, sales training, communication and presentation skills.

I go on holiday to Northern Ireland to run away from the unbearable heat of Spain that summer. I fall in love with the place and I decide to move there the following year.

I obtain a grant to study a Post-Graduate in Human Resource Management at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. I am offered a managerial HR position at a multinational company in Belfast.

It’s time to stop working for others and I set up my own private practice as a Psychologist in the UK and I obtain the Accreditation of Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist within the BABCP. This work is still ongoing. I am now convinced that my parents overreacted, after all.😊

I complete a Masters in Counselling and Guidance at the University of Ulster and I become one of the Founder members of the International Trauma Institute. I travel all over the world training mental health professionals and presenting at international conferences.

I start working at the University of Ulster as a lecturer teaching Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and I set up a new business, “the International Institute for Cognitive Therapy”. And yes, everything above is still ongoing, the practice as a Psychologist, the lecturing position at the University of Ulster, the International Trauma Institute, and this new venture. How many hours did I work a day (including weekends)? Try to guess but I am pretty sure you will underestimate the figure.

I conclude that my life was not sufficiently complicated and I decide to start a PhD at Queens University Belfast. It “only” takes me 7 years to complete my research titled “A Cognitive Behavioural perspective of emotional distress after a relationship breakup”. Finally, I discover the 8 crucial factors why some people get stuck after a breakup while others move on quickly with their lives.

I start developing breakup recovery programs based on the 8 factors I found in my research. You can read about my self-directed therapeutic programs here.

What may happen in the future, you’ll be able to see it by yourself if you accompany me on this journey once you make the decision to recover from your breakup.

And Now Tell Me How You Want Your Story To Be After Your Breakup

I can help you get over your breakup but if you don't know how to start, I'll tell you how!

This Is How My passion For Life Also Shines

(Apart from My Passion To Un-Broken Your Heart!)

I love playing dancing games with my VR set

I am passionate about photography and my click per minute is around 100.

I enjoy a good workout in the gym and do many outdoor activities.

I never miss the chance to have fun with my loved ones.

I am really into baking and cooking and I love being the host for friends.

I love travelling with friends and experiencing new adventures.

I am also passionate about having long walks by the sea.

And Now Tell Me How You Want Your Story To Be After Your Breakup

I can help you get over your breakup but if you don't know how to start, I'll tell you how!