Stop Thinking About Your Ex With The "Get Out Of My Head" Program

The most affordable self-help method to help you stop thinking about your ex, using the most effective cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT)

  1. Stop obsessing about your ex.
  2. Stop wondering about the reasons of the breakup
  3. Eliminate your regrets
  4. And stop being angry at your ex in just 6 simple steps

Learn How To Stop Thinking About Your Ex And ...

STOP replaying all the bad times when he/she made you unhappy

STOP wasting your precious time wallowing in the past and hating yourself for it

STOP feeling lonely and missing your ex when you should be enjoying your life

STOP living in your head or the past and connect with the real world

STOP doubting yourself and regretting things you could have done better

STOP reliving all the pain of the breakup all over again at facing reminders

Introducing The Most Affordable Self-Help Program To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

"Get Out Of My Head"

Imagine finally being able to ...

Notice your thoughts, memories, or dreams of your ex without getting distressed
Stop feeling powerless for not being able to shut out your distressing thoughts
Coping with the uncertainty of not understanding the reasons for the breakup
Place an emotional distance between you and the memories about your ex
Reduce the frequency of upsetting images and recollections about your ex
Use healthy strategies to manage your upsetting intrusions and memories
Stop worrying about the feeling of being out of control or going crazy
Suppress your compulsion of checking on your ex or monitoring his/her life

This Is How Little You Need To Invest To Stop Thinking About Your Ex

The "Get Out Of My Head" program is designed to help you manage your upsetting thoughts about your ex without avoiding them. The self-help program includes more than 30 quizzes and exercises.

You can choose with or without "Therapist's support". Without "Therapist's Support", you will access the 8 modules of the program and the private community portal, but I won't correct your homework.

With Therapist's Support, you'll get everything with the program, including the correction of your exercises and I'll give you weekly feedback for 8 weeks.



(Instead of $499)







(Instead of $999)





This Is How The "Get Out Of My Head" Can Change Your Life!

Get Out Of My Head is an online program that helps you cope with the upsetting thoughts, images, and memories you experience about your ex. You'll apply the most powerful cognitive behavioral techniques that I use with my face-to-face patients successfully.


Gain insights into the right strategies to deal with your all your distressing thoughts, memories, and feelings.


Develop effective problem-solving strategies to work on your worries, anxiety, anger, guilt and jealousy.


Apply a simple six-step formula to make you stop thinking about your ex quickly and effectively.


Discover 10 powerful cognitive techniques to stop dwelling on the past and move on. Feel good about yourself .

I am Dr. Sylvia Buet And I Can help You Stop Thinking About Your Ex

I am Dr. Sylvia Buet, and I am here to help you to get over your breakup. In particular, I'll give you all the support you need to manage those upsetting and never-ending thoughts about your ex.

Back when I experienced my first breakup at 18, I got stuck in pain for 5 years. The same thing happened to me again at 24, and the last time, a few years later. In every breakup, what bothered me the most was that I couldn't stop thinking about my ex. Day and night!

This situation led me to develop this simple and effective 6-Step formula I am offering you here. It will show you how to stop thinking about your ex and get over your breakup fast. It worked for me, but it has also worked for the hundreds of patients who I treated in my practice struggling with a breakup.

Join the "Get Out Of My Head" now and discover how you can stop thinking about your ex without therapy but with the same results. This is the most affordable method to getting over your ex using the same psychological techniques that I use with my patients with great succes.

What You Will Achieve With The Get Out Of My Head Program

Get Out Of My Head consists of 8 modules, with a combination of videos, audios, text-based lessons, interactive exercises, and quizzes to help you stop obsessing about your ex and get over your breakup.

MODULE 1: How NOT to deal with intrusions about your ex.
MODULE 2: The never-ending thoughts about your ex.
MODULE 3: A six-step formula to manage your intrusions
MODULE 4: Working on your intrusions.
MODULE 5: Cognitive techniques to change your ruminative thinking.
MODULE 6: A six-step formula to manage your ruminative thinking.
MODULE 7: How to manage post-breakup solvable worries.
MODULE 8: Measure your progress.

The Best Revenge On Your Ex Is Finding Your Inner Happiness.

Remember that with the Get Out Of My Head, you'll ...

Be fully present without missing your ex

Feel empowered and improve your mental health

Take control of your life by controlling your thoughts

Manage all your worries and upsetting thoughts

Make love decisions with more confidence

Forgive yourself for any mistakes you made

Stop being afraid of reminders about your ex

Develop the optimism to start dating again

What Users Say

Read what some of the users think of the "Get Out Of My Head" program.

I didn't imagine that just after a couple of months I was going to feel so much better. I still have to work on some worries resulting from my breakup. The module on how to stop wondering about the reasons for the breakup was the most effective for me. I think that a few more weeks, I will get there. I found incredibly helpful the techniques to manage anger rumination.


The Get Out Of My Head is a well-designed therapy program. I really enjoyed the exercises and quizzes. She gives great examples of how to use the techniques using her own breakup. The exercises only took me about 10 minutes a day and they were very effective. Sylvia explains every concept very clearly. I understand my mind a lot better now.


I like to work with scientific methods like the Get Out Of My head program. This is a great breakup solution. It was very well structured and easy to follow. I was stuck in intrusions and rumination, but now I know how to manage them. I feel hopeful about the future at last. The feedback I received on my exercises was constructive and helped me to move on with my life.


To know more about how I work, read my patient's reviews!

Your Questions Answered About The Get Out Of My Head Program.

01 Will the Get Out Of My Head work for me? What if it doesn’t?

Honestly, it's impossible to know whether or not the program will work for you. There is a good chance that it may be successful.

I normally obtain about 79% success rate with my face-to-face patients. In a near future, I would like to recruit enough participants and conduct a scientific study to measure its real effectiveness. I can only say that to date, the Get Out Of My Head has been really effective for nearly every one of my patients.

But can it fail? No doubt. Like everything in life. Not even the face-to-face therapy I offer my patients can be guaranteed.

If you don't want to try something because you fear that it may not work, just don't. It's up to you. I can't promise you results. In fact, by law, we should never promise results. If anyone did, I'd be wary of such “optimism”.

I can only tell you that I've been helping people to get over breakups for a very, long, long time with great results. But my success is mostly dependent on your effort and readiness to make it work.

The methodology I will present to you is the one I’ve used with my face-to-face patients, and I feel confident that I can help you as much as I’ve helped them.

Remember that you're unique. Your breakup is unique too. Your circumstances don't match anyone else's, either.

Therefore, everybody learns something different from completing the program. I can guarantee though that this 6-step method to manage your upsetting thoughts about your ex will increase your knowledge and awareness about how your mind works and how to process the loss of your ex. In addition to the program, you'll have a community where to share tons of valuable information on what else you may need to recover from your breakup.

Because what's the alternative?Well, you can wait until time heals all wounds ...whenever that might happen. The fastest route is to complete the "Get Out Of Your Head" program.

There is nothing to lose.

If, after all, you don't find the program helpful – it's simple: I'll be happy to give you a refund within the first 14 days of your purchase.

02 Will I be completely recovered after I complete the 8 modules of the program?

It's hard to say. Around 79% of people notice significant improvements after completing the full program.

While I don't know how much you'll recover at the end of this 8-module online program, you'll likely be much more improved, assuming you do all the homework.

How much improvement you’ll get, it will depend on you.

03 How long will I need to dedicate every day to complete the exercises of the program?

Not much. This program normally requires about 10 minutes a day working on developing the skills you need to get over your ex. Think about the amount of wasted hours you normally spend thinking of your ex at the moment.

You could stop obsessing about your ex while dedicating around 8 to 10 hours to the full program. The amount of time you'll save, it will make it really worth it!

04 Sylvia, How much do I save with the Get Out Of My Head compared with therapy?

I really get this question and why you want to make sure you're getting what you really need at the right price.

You're about to make a life-changing decision, and you're probably on your own with the weight of it all. The program's real value is that you're trying a Science-based approach, developed by a real expert in breakups and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

From everything you've read, I hope you get the sense of how I'll show you how to manage your thoughts, and how I communicate my ideas. If you like what you read on this page, you'll love the contents of the program. You can't get it wrong when you have my 14-day money-back guarantee, either.

If you wanted me to give you therapy to stop thinking about your ex on a one-to-one basis, it would cost you $1600. The program consists of 8 modules. Assuming that every module is equivalent to one session with me, you would need to pay $1600 for a comparable outcome (@ $200/session).

Compare that with a fraction of what costs this program ($199, without therapist's support, or $499 with therapist's support.)

Join The Get Out Of My Head Program To Stop Thinking About Your Ex