How To Accept A Breakup In 4 Easy Steps In Less Than 1 Hour

The ultimate audiobook to help you get closure and get over a breakup in only 30 minutes.

Created by Psychologist and Breakup Expert, Dr Sylvia Buet.

Audiobook How to accept a breakup in 4 easy steps in less than 1 hour

What Will You Get From This Audiobook?

Accepting a breakup is not a process that comes naturally to us. One thing is to know 'intellectually' that the relationship is over, another, very different, is feeling real closure, experienced only when you can connect that idea 'emotionally'.

In this 30-minute Audiobook, you will:

Accept Your Breakup

Feel in your gut that there is absolutely no more that you can do, except lett go and restore your mental balance. Leave the past behind.

Stop Ruminating

Get back your mental peace by never wondering again about the reasons for the breakup, what's wrong with you, or why your ex doesn't care about you.

Get Closure

Feel good about yourself, develop the desire to stop fighting for a different outcome with your ex, and become motivated to find new love.

The Audiobook and Workbook Contents

INTRODUCTION. How this Audiobook will help you get over your ex.
STEP 1. Reality Check
STEP 2. The Half-Empty Glass
STEP 3. The Invincible Armor
TEP 4. The White Flag

Who Is This Audiobook For?

This 4-step formula to accepting a breakup will help you if you've gone through a breakup, separation, or divorce and you want to:

Stop relying on the passage of time

Waiting for time to heal all wounds does NOT work. Find out with this Audiobook what you can do to get back your emotional balance, feel good about yourself, and start living your life to the fullest, starting today.

Get closure about your breakup

You know, intellectually speaking, that the relationship is over. However, if you're still searching for closure it is because you haven't accepted the breakup yet, emotionally speaking. This Audiobook will help you connect your head with your heart.

Stop obsessing about your ex

If you haven't accepted your breakup yet, it is normal to dwell endlessly on your breakup and obsess about your ex. This Audiobook will help you process those thoughts and give space to your mind.

Accept your breakup in less than an hour

You can accept your breakup in very little time. This Audiobook can help you develop the right mindset. You'll change the way you think about your breakup, feel less distressed, and this process will be nearly automatic.

Audiobook Reviews

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"Excellent audiobook! Very well explained with lots of examples. I loved Sylvia's style. And it worked. I've finally accepted my separation."

Emily Hale


"A great method to know how to accept a breakup. Super easy to do the exercises and they worked. I finally got the closure I needed."

Rafael Smith


"I never thought it was possible to accept a breakup in such little time. That's exactly what Dr Sylvia Buet has done in this audiobook. Very helpful."

Eva Williams


I Want To Accept My Breakup

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About The Author

Sylvia Buet is a psychologist, specialised in relationship breakups, who can help you heal your broken heart, even if you don't feel ready to get over your breakup, feel completely demotivated, or depressed.

Her methods work even if everything else failed before.

Her patients choose to work with her because she only uses scientific techniques, proven to work. The reason why her methods are so effective is that they are based on the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). She has been accredited as a Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist by the BABCP (British Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapies) in the United Kingdom.

The moment you acquire her audiobook, you'll connect with her direct and practical style that characterises her so much. No matter how ready you are to move on, this audiobook will allow you to start this difficult journey to recovery that feels so daunting without any need. Get ready to leave the memory of your ex in the past and start looking forward to a much more promising future.

Silvia developed this 4-step method of accepting a breakup after 7 years of research. Don't miss the opportunity that this method gives you to save you from going to therapy, spending unnecessary money on psychologists like her, and start saying goodbye to your broken heart with her audiobook "How to get over a breakup in 4 easy steps."

She has also created other breakup programs if you want something more in-depth with 'The Breakup CBT Cure' and the 'Get Out Of My Head.'