Choose The Right Breakup Therapy Program For You

The Breakup CBT Cure

The Breakup CBT Cure is an 8-week intensive online program to address every problematic aspect of your breakup. This self-help method has been designed to help you to get over your ex in just 8 weeks (24 video sessions using cognitive behavioral techniques).

You can also purchase the individual modules separately*

The "Get Out Of My Head"

Learn how to manage your intrusive, upsetting thoughts about your breakup so you can stop obsessing about your ex.

The Get Out Of My Head program has been designed to stop obsessing about your ex, stop dwelling about the reasons for the breakup, and stop feeling angry about the breakup.

The Most Effective And Affordable Programs To Get Over A Breakup

Every breakup is different because you can be stuck in many different ways and that's why therapy normally fails.

These Can Be The 8 "Stuck Points" Blocking Your Recovery.

Having to cope with loneliness, anger, rejection, hurt, anxiety, or betrayal.
Thinking so much of your ex that makes you wonder if you'll ever stop feeling obsessed.
Trapped in guilt because you blame yourself for the end of the relationship.
Fighting uncontrollable desires to check on your ex's social media profiles, giving in at the end.
Waiting for your ex to ask you to get back together but hoping for it feels like you're riding on a roller coaster.
Wondering about the reasons for the breakup but the more you think about it, the more confused you get.
Avoiding reminders of the breakup and your to not to feel upset and have more intrusive thoughts and memories later.
Not being able to move on with your life because the separation disrupted your plans for the future.

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